Shyne has beef with everybody these days, first there was 50 cent, then his Def Jam labelhead, and now his latest target is Rick Ross. The opinionated Belizean emcee went off about Ross' past employment status as a corrections officer, explaining why he chose to take shots at the Miami rapper on the song 'Belize,' released this July. According to Shyne, he doesn't comprehend how Ross can go from working on one side of the law to rapping about breaking the law. "I mean, you know, I don't get that," he told HipHopDx. "I don't get an ex-prison guard being the No. 1 gangsta rapper. I don't get that at all my man."

Ross' corrections officer scandal hit the 'Net back in 2008. Although he initially denied the validity of the story, despite photos and a paycheck baring his legal name and social security number, he later admitted to his previous job; but noted that he also worked as a drug dealer, which he often chronicles in his lyrics.

"I'm not saying you gotta feel the way I feel," Shyne continued, "but please, please have some compassion [for someone like me who is back home] from just doing ten years and going to war with the cops ... you bangin' on police because they trying to talk to your girl, or they trying to touch ya mama in the wrong place. So I deal with crooked cops my whole life. Ain't nothing worse to me than a crooked cop. That's the worst thing you can do is use your badge to get ahead. I'd rather a cop just be a cop. And I respect where you stand, and you respect where I stand. But how a cop gonna profit from the life that I live? Uh-uh, I ain't jackin' that. So yeah, I just want people to be clear, 'No, not the C.O.' Nah, that ain't me."

Ross took a few hits from the public who questioned the legitimacy of his lyrics, but that disposition has since died down. His latest album 'Teflon Don,' debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard charts selling over 176,000 copies in its first week. Ironically, in a previous interview, Ross also revealed that he is a longtime fan of Shyne, even hinting at a possible collaboration between the two, but judging by this latest rant that deal may be off the table.