Shyne's luck has yet to turn around ... even a decade after the shooting that changed his life. Poised to take Notorious B.I.G.'s place as Bad Boy's next deep-voiced hitmaker, the rapper was linked to the infamous 1999 shooting and ended up doing a 10-year prison bid. He was rumored to be released time and again, but nothing seemed to go in his favor. Shyne was supposed to be released from prison today.

Unfortunately, his release is once again under review, as he is reportedly being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs, at a facility in Western New York State. The issue seems to be Shyne's immigration status. He was born in Belize, and Immigration officials are considering deporting the rapper to his home country.

"Shyne is currently in federal custody while his future immigration status is determined," a representative told MTV. His lawyer confirmed that he had not, in fact, been released, as several sources had previously reported.

There is no word as to when a decision will be made regarding his citizenship, however, if he is allowed to remain in the country, he will undergo post-release supervision for the next 2.5 years.

It's been a long road Shyne, we wish you luck.