Since his release from prison in 2009, former Bad Boy rapper Shyne has traveled a unique path. He was deported from the U.S., recorded a few freestyles in Belize and then went over to Israel to reinvent himself as a Jewish MC with a message about incorporating religion into life. Now, Shyne has finally announced his comeback album 'Gangland' will drop on May 17 and the first single, entitled 'King David,' is available for listening.

If you think Shyne has seemed more conflicted than ever, 'King David' will do little to sway that opinion. The title, which refers to an ancient Israeli king and the hotel that Shyne has been living at, seemingly has little to do with the song's club-oriented content. If anything, Shyne's flow and singsong vocals are reminiscent of his recent nemesis 50 Cent, while the squelchy beat would feel right at home on a Gucci Mane mixtape.

Many have speculated that Shyne's heart is no longer in music since his post-release material hasn't met the quality of his previous work. He recently told DJ Funkmaster Flex that that wasn't the case at all. "Music has always been the centerpiece," he said in an interview last week. "It's an escape. It's a medicine. Music is everything to me."

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