50 Cent prank called Shyne during a Def Jam-sponsored conference call broadcast live on XXL's Ustream on Wednesday, and Shyne didn't take it lightly. "That's like an all-time low," Shyne said. "I didn't know he was so desperate. He's gone from confidential informant, witness-protection program dude, getting order [of protection] on muthaf---as. Now he's a stalker. I was in shock. He called up saying he was 'Jamal from Harlem.' He didn't call up saying he's Curtis Jackson, Hawaii 5-0. He's a busta. I can't believe it. I can't believe he would stoop to that low. Then again, a guy in the witness-protection program, he has no shame." Great, a 50 Cent/Shyne beef. What year is this, can someone call MC Shan and Busy Bee? [MTV]

When asked why she got into porn when her father was already a successful actor, Laurence Fishburne's 18-year-old daughter Montana Fishburne explained "I've looked at my father growing up, and he's always been successful but, for me, I was interested in porn... since high school." Yo, me too. [JLBMornings]

Boy George recently questioned Lady Gaga's admission that she "occasionally" uses cocaine. "Could it be that her use of coke is not so 'occasional'? As a recovering addict who knows how dangerous 'occasional' use is, I can think of no reason for Gaga to reveal this to her young audience. ... One has to wonder how much of a grip Gaga has on things." [Paper]