The journey of onetime Diddy-associate Shyne is a long and often treacherous one. Moving from Bad Boy to prison to Belize and now Israel, the embattled rapper is clearly turning his life around one step at a time. Shyne's relocation to Israel has been mostly successful thus far and he's now meeting with government officials in the hope of establishing permanent citizenship in the country.

"We are getting this dual citizenship thing going," Shyne said in an interview with ISRAEL21c.

The rhymer, born Moses Levi, will appear on a popular religious music program entitled 'Tuesday Night Live' in an upcoming February 2011 episode. The show, which is filmed next door to the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem, will feature Shyne performing and a possible interview. It will be his first big introduction to the public residing in his potential homeland

Shyne has actually released two new songs in Israel entitled 'Roller Song' and 'The Original.' Both have done well enough for him to build a bigger platform to spread his music to the masses. In the meantime, he has completely immersed himself in conversative Judaism, with the last five months dedicated to become a legitimate Hasidic Jew -- perhaps the most strict sect of the religion.

Even in the midst of big career and life changes, Shyne still boasts like a tough New York rapper while he slowly lets his religious influences seep into his rhymes.

"I make music for the masses," Shyne revealed. "Moshe Levi has a great impact on the music that Shyne makes, and I'm sure in the future you might see that, but I never prophesied that I'd be making religious music."

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