Rihanna, like many celebrities, has certain qualities about her that set the singer apart from other pop stars. Her Bajan accent, fondness for tattoos and desire to keep her relationships in the public eye are just a few of the things that keep eyes darting in her direction. Actress and comedian Darmirra Brunson plays off of Rihanna's quirks and lifestyle choices in 'S--- Rihanna Says,' a parody video she created.

In the clip, Brunson, a native of Baltimore, dons a curly, blonde wig and all-black everything as she takes on Rihanna's persona. She hits the studio to record and during the session, delivers some interesting conversation. "Where's the alcohol?" she demands. "I asked you guys to bring it a long time ago!"

Later on, she gives a personal interview where she calls herself an "original artist" and shoots down Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga for being "the same" and that they should morph into one person "Nickatygaga." She then calls up Perry on the phone and lets her sexual feelings -- her words are too naughty -- for her fellow singer slip.

Her fans, venereal diseases and booty calls to Drake, J. Cole, Dr. Dre, Chris Brown, Matt Kemp and Jay-Z are all included in the amusing visuals.

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