Bobby Bank, WireImage
It was bound to happen sooner or later. The 'S--- [insert group of people] Say' meme finally has a Drake version, and the video -- titled 'S--- Drake Says,' appropriately enough -- has already nabbed more than 474,000 YouTube views.

Instead of goofing on the kinds of things that everyone's favorite morose Canadian lady-killer MC might say, the clip's creator, 21-year-old comedian Yousef Erakat, dresses like the 'Take Care' creator and lip-synchs to snippets of his songs, imagining how the superstar might respond to different social situations.

Explaining to friends why he's "done messing with girls, y'all" -- a pretty Drake-like thing to say -- Erakat uses a line from 'The Resistance': "Plus, this woman that I messed with unprotected/ texting, saying that she wish she would've kept it."

Later, when Erakat's co-stars ask Drake how old he is, he responds with a boast from is sophomore LP cut, 'The Motto': "25, sitting on 25 mill."

When his buddies give props to rival Common for "coming pretty hard" on the recent 'Stay Schemin' diss track, Erakat acts hurt, using another 'Motto' line: "That's how you feel, man? That's really how you feel?"

His cronies then give him a boost by insisting he'll win the wax war, to which a heartened Erakat responds: "They know, they know, they know," using the chorus from 'Headlines.'

Those are the clever parts. By the end, there's a rather juvenile flatulence joke, but at this stage in the 'S--- XYZ Say' game, such diminishing returns are to be expected. Or maybe that's just some s--- critics say.