Shawty Redd, a producer for blockbuster stars such as Young Jeezy and Snoop Dogg, started off the year in the worst possible way. He was arrested on a murder charge in Henry County, Ga. and has been held in jail without bond ever since. Redd, whose real name is Demetrius Lee Stewart, finally came before a judge on Jan. 12, and preliminary reports indicate that his bail has been set at the sum of $200,000.

If you were too busy enjoying your turn of the decade, here's the story thus far: On New Year's Day, police in Henry County received an urgent 911 call from Redd. He reported that a man named Damon Martin visiting his home, located in Hampton, Ga. was shot. After the police showed up and conducted a round of questioning, Redd left the house in cuffs with an arrest for first-degree murder.

Redd should easily be able to come up with the $200,000, but it's a tad surprising the system is even giving him the opportunity to get bail. Police confirmed that Redd has claimed self-defense, yet they only found a single gun in the house -- the same weapon used to kill Martin. According to Dennis Byron of HipHopEnquirer, prosecutors pleaded with the judge to leave Redd in custody.

Marcia Fuller, Redd's lawyer, has yet to comment on the trial. Superior Court Judge Brian Amero is presiding over the case.