Even before Jay-Z's recent foray into book publishing, many have tried to equate hip-hop with poetry throughout the years. While it's usually a stretch, sometimes the two do come together for a head-scratching theatrical production. That's what is happening in Queens on Feb. 12, just before Valentine's Day, in a production of 'The Sonnet Man.' The act, which stars Devon Glover, presents an energetic hip-hop fusion group that sets Shakespearean sonnets in a modern pop context.

The show was conceived by Broadway playwright Arje Shaw ('The Gathering') and features musical direction by Daniel Lynas. As the promoters tell it, 'The Sonnet Man' hopes to blend classic literature with an "urban beat" in order to introduce a new generation to the works of Shakespeare. While we're not sure that the ultra-famous playwright has much content that relates to the hip-hop generation, this does seem like a unique idea for a night out.

'The Sonnet Man' performance will be the first show of the season for the Jackson Repertory Theatre in Jackson Heights, Queens. The venue will feature a new concert-based show each month with tributes to Colombian music (March), modern dance (June), classical chamber music (August) and jazz (September) to follow February's ode to Shakespeare. Promoters stress that this is a perfect fit for the whole family, so grab some tickets over here is that's your thing.