Although lyrics and delivery play the most important roles in the definition of a true MC, another factor weighs in heavily: the voice. An artist's tone, cadence and word pronunciation are all things that can collectively sway an opinion from a dope MC to ... not so dope. So, we at The BoomBox are offering up our take on the sexiest voices in hip-hop. You'll be surprised by some of the results. Check out who whispers sweet nothings on wax best.

Method Man

Call him what you want: Mr. Meth, Ticallion Stallion, whatever, but Method Man's raspy voice and gruff delivery make him a top contender for the sexiest voice. Despite sounding like he swallowed the razor tucked beneath his tongue, Meth manages to slide through lyrics with the greatest of ease. He's like the Tom Waits of hip-hop, with smoke-filled tonsils that somehow transform his voice box into a mood setter. Hey, we can dig it.

Lauryn Hill

Years back, Lauryn Hill said in an interview that she's always had a deep voice, even as a kid. Little did she know in her kindergarten days that her sultry tone would lead her to make millions swoon, through both her singing and rhyming. Even when she's speaking, L-Boogie (now Ms. Hill) has a voice that can soothe the soul. Not only is she still one of the top female MCs to ever walk this planet, her voice is still incomparable.

Andre 3000

While it rings true that Outkast collectively had some sexy, Southern-fried voices, Andre Benjamin wins by 3000%. Lyrically, the ATLien wordsmith glides through his lines with just enough aggression and just enough of that Southern drawl to leave minds blown and ears left in awe. His charisma on the mic is unmatched, and while he's not trying to seduce any dudes while he's wrecking the mic, the ladies are surely standing at attention.

Monie Love

We polled several industry figures, and more than enough people expressed their undying devotion to Monie Love as the sexiest voice in hip-hop. The original female rapper with a British accent (a real one, unlike fellow femcee Nicki Minaj's faux meter; Love was born and raised in London), Monie rhymed to the point while maintaining a super-cute edge. Though she's not dropping music now, you can still hear her voice on the radio.

Big Boi

OK, we said we were picking only one member of Outkast. We lied. How can you not include Sir Lucious Left Foot in the sexy voice category? The other half of Outkast takes that same Down South drawl and adds imagery of strippers and liquor and money, while still being a lyrical beast. No one in hip-hop can talk dirty to us that eloquently. So, Big Boi, congratulations -- you, too, are among the purveyors of the sexy sounds.

Nicki Minaj

While some may argue that Miss Minaj has quite the grating voice, others will strongly disagree. Her slick talking Queens-dipped and Trini-infused vernacular make Nicki something of a goddess. She's sharp when she wants to be, cutesy at other times, and then she takes her sweet sounds across the pond with a London-esque voice of the aristocrats. Lucky for everyone, if you're not into one of Nicki's voices, you have about 50 others to choose from.


Drizzy is a unique contender in the sexy voice category. He was raised in Canada, but having spent some time in the Southern US, Drake's voice has this Canadian-Southern fusion going on. Couple that with the fact that his tone is deep and confident, and this man has it all in the vocals department -- both in song and rhyme. Fans of 'Degrassi' will remember that Drake always had that voice, even as a teenager. What a heartbreaker.

Bun B

This UGK veteran has never faltered lyrically, and voice-wise he wins big. While other rappers with full-bodied voices (e.g., Rick Ross, Shyne) bring some air of sexy to their vocals, Bun B ranks supreme with just the right amount of deep and dirty. Bun's solo career has just started to get its wings. But if you love how he sounds now, then take a dip into the UGK catalog and get your full fix of his lyrical sexiness.


"5'7" thick in the thighs/Every thug's dream wife, see the love in their eyes?" When Eve confidently uttered these words on 'What Y'all Want,' men immediately placed her as the prototype. The Ruff Ryders graduate-turned-actress has a voice that screams Philly and commands attention. When we first heard her on the Roots' 'You Got Me,' everyone wanted to know who it was. Eve has that kind of power through vocals alone.


Although Pac may no longer be with us, his voice lives on through his abundant posthumous releases. Tupac Shakur's arrogant, deep and angry voice shoots through every beat he lands on. His aggression is always felt and shouts sexy. Plus, Tupac was a poet, so he knows his way around a bunch of words. Whether on this Earth or elsewhere, Tupac still seduces us with his voice.