While the #HeForShe campaign rapidly grows thanks in part to the power of social media, College Humor continues the conversation on gender equality by using an R&B song to poke fun at what usually goes on with a dude and his lady between the sheets. Only there's a twist.

Countless R&B stars -- and rappers for that matter -- have featured beautiful women in their videos, and many used solely for the purpose of sexual gratification. Talking dirty in one scene, hitting the bed in another. In this hilarious visual, the script is somewhat flipped and while the guy is looking to score some pleasure with his girl, he does so in a way that promotes an equal exchange.

"I'll go down on you / You'll go down on me / We can do each other with reciprocity," the gentleman sings.

He continues, leaving judgement on body counts behind: "Damn, you really do it like a pro / But your experience don't make you ho / In my opinion, your sexual liberation / Is healthy and normal and makes you human."

Experience some comedic sexual enlightenment above.

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