After he wraps his current tour opening for Mariah Carey, dancehall star Sean Paul will head back into the studio to resume work on a new album for what he hopes to be an early 2007 release.

While Paul says there is no title or concept yet, he has been delving into more socially aware songs of late. "There's a song in I did about a month ago called 'Sufferer,'" he tells AOL Music. "It's talking on behalf of the sufferers -- kids who are not spoken for. They don't have any parents, they're not in school. But it's also trying to uplift their minds because a lot of sufferers in Jamaica turn to violence," he says. "And I'm trying to say it doesn't make any sense for us to be killing each other. When black people kill other black people we could be killing the next Bob Marley."

But that doesn't mean the Jamaica native is taking a purely socially aware route. "When I feel [like saying], 'Shake your ass, girl,' or 'The world is ending, let's solve this problem,' it's just the spirit that takes me," Paul says. "I've done many other songs [about] ladies and dance, having a good time. We'll see what kind of mood takes us."