Sean Kingston is having a rough week. The "Beautiful Girls" singer is claiming that he was kidnapped for failing to pay off a $225,000 watch.

According to TMZ, Kingston made payments to Avianne & Co Jewelers for the expensive watch but decided to cut off the money stream at $185,000 -- because he didn't think the watch was worth any more money than that. And that's when the jeweler, who was not named, got upset. Instead of letting the deal go null, Kingston offered to trade the watch for something worth the amount he paid.

But, when he went to make the switch in the jeweler's car last week in the early morning hours, the jeweler took Kingston's watch and refused to give him a new one. Kingston "demanded" his watch back and refused to leave the car until he got it. But the jeweler pulled a fast one and instead locked Kingston in the car and drove him to a "secluded area" where he was left. According to the LAPD, who's investigating the case, Kingston was kidnapped.

But the jeweler isn't the only one who has beef with Kingston. After Baller Alert shared news of Kingston's watch deal gone bad on Instagram, rapper Juelz Santana went to the comments to reveal his gripe with him.

"Smh How This N---- Talkin Bout Karma When His Boy @krisbentleydesigns Got 25k Of My Money That I sent Him 2 Build My Studio 6 Months Ago U Co sigh For him .... N I Told U This.... An I Still An Get My Money...," Santana wrote.

In another comment, jewelry maker Ben Baller also shed some light on Kingston's life, which is built around a facade he claims. Baller claims Kingston owes three jewelers $200,000 each and that he doesn't own a home or car.

This isn't the first time Sean Kingston's bad decisions have gotten him in trouble. In 2014, the "Fire Burning" singer was sued by another jeweler, Avi Da Jeweler, for writing a bounced check and refusing to pay the balance of necklaces, watches and expensive diamond pendants he acquired.

Before that. he had his Mercedes-Benz G-Class and a Lamborghini repossessed -- and probably for good reason since in 2013, the paparazzi convinced him not to drive home drunk. Kingston was also accused of having someone in his entourage beat up and rob a promoter for debts owed to himself.

We just hope Kingston can get it together and get back to making some classic tunes. Stay tuned for updates on the case and check out what Juelz Santana and Ben Baller had to say below.

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