After a three-year hiatus from the spotlight and the production of his own music, Sean Garrett is back with a new single, "Look on Your Face."

Featuring Lil Yachty, The Pen, a nickname given to the Garrett by Jay Z, taps into a few trap soul vibes to beg the woman he loves to stick around awhile instead of leaving him due to his treacherous ways.

"I know you're so tired of my lyin'/I f---ed up again but I'm tryin'/You know the n---- in me gonna deny it."

With an unexpected collaboration on tap, Lil Yachty jumps in on the middle of the track attempting to help sway Garrett's lady love to make like Rihanna and stay.

"I know I'm doing you wrong/That's why I buy everything that you put on/That don't make it right/But that tear down the hype/I do not like to fight/I just lay down the pipe/Pick up my call when I call you on Skype/I f---ed up/I f---ed up one time but that was one night."

There's no telling whether or not Yatchy's verse would actually aid in mending any relationship, but it sounds good. Check out the full track below.

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