Chicago rapper SD enlists the reigning guest feature king, aka Danny Brown, for this monolithic remix of 'New World Order.'

The two rappers make for a natural pairing, if only because their styles are so complementary. In the opening verse, you have SD rapping about his money, firearms and his god-like presence in the streets with a dead-eyed realism.

And then there's Brown, who bursts into the massive Izza Da Producer instrumental like he's about to run out of breath. The Detroit native's rhymes about popping pills and getting properly faded aren't anything out of the ordinary, but they serve as an escapist point of view compared to those of SD.

You can hear the remix below and download SD's most recent mixtape, 'Life of a Savage 3,' on Live Mixtapes.

Listen to SD's 'New World Order' Remix Feat. Danny Brown