At one point, producer Scott Storch was a ubiquitous figure in hip hop. Then, after producing some of the biggest hits in 2006, working with every major artist from 50 Cent to Beyonce to Pink, the Canadian-born beat maker's career took a serious nose dive.

One of the highest paid people in music in 2007, by 2008 Storch was unable to pay $500,000 in back taxes and a warrant was issued for his arrest for failure to make child-support payments.

In a recent interview with MTV, Storch's manager Derek Jackson explained his meteoric rise and fall, describing it as "Unlike anything I've ever seen in my entire life...Historical! It was historical without question."

The cause for Storch's problems was cocaine. "Honestly, about three years ago, he got really shady," Jackson continued. "And that's the best term I could use. He went from what his normal vices were to suddenly becoming a person who was infatuated with the drug, and I saw it constantly."

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    Music producer Scott Storch poses in one of the control rooms at the Hit Factory Studio, Monday, Feb. 6, 2006 in Miami.

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The former ASCAP "Songwriter of the Year," Storch got his start playing piano for The Roots in 1991, before meeting Dr. Dre and producing 'Still D.R.E.' from 'Chronic 2001.' "We made a lot of money -- I mean a lot of money that year [2006]. And Scott -- in all honesty -- he was broke by January. It was the quickest [loss] of money that I've ever seen in my entire life."

Storch blew the money in an impossibly short period of time, spending in a way that seemed as if he was trying to go broke. "[I had] 15 to 20 cars at all times," Storch told MTV. " That's not smart. I would take one of 15 half-million-dollar cars I owned and go to the mall and spend that much money. Stupid, stupid stuff. It's like it didn't make a difference. They were ego investments. I would have been great with three or four cars! I didn't need a 117-foot boat."

Not only did he own a fleet of Bentleys and Rolls', Storch made a habit of chartering jets and flying to exotic locales, while romantically linked to everyone from Lil' Kim to Paris Hilton.

"Private jets are expensive -- please leave them alone if you can't afford them," Jackson cautioned. "Trips to the Riviera on a private jet is $250,000 one way. I'm talking about, it was a routine [with Scott]. Spending on others -- if you can't take care of yourself, how you gonna take care of everybody else? And it got out of control."

In an effort to jump back on the scene, Storch, who was arrested for failure to return a rented Bentley he'd leased back in his heyday, has kicked his drug habit and is back in the studio working with Chris Brown and The Game. Storch has also, reportedly, been shooting a reality show about his return.