Once one of hip-hop's biggest names, troubled producer Scott Storch has reportedly lost his $7 Million mansion to foreclosure, and is currently homeless. The beatmaker behind hits like 'Lean Back,' and 'Candyshop,' and former Lil' Kim beau fell on hard times when he became addicted to cocaine, blowing over $30 million on drugs, luxury cars and private jets.

At one time thought to be worth close to $70 million, Storch was forced to file for bankruptcy, owing over $700,000 in back taxes and missed child support. When his bankruptcy claim was turned down, the bank foreclosed on the 10 bedroom mansion, leaving the hitmaker without a home.

Storch has been attempting a comeback, working with Chris Brown and The Game, following an extended stay in rehab. He is said to be working on a reality show about his road to recovery.