ScHoolboy Q just released a chilling new video for his single "JoHn Muir" directed by Aplus. The video is a visual narrative of a South Central L.A. gangsters’ joyride. The track "John Muir" is featured on his recently release LP, Blank Face LP.

While the TDE rapper doesn't appear in the clip, the actors in the piece are cruising through L.A. in a stolen car, giving the audience a passenger-side perspective that depicts the gritty realities of South Central crime, police brutality, and the subtleties of a good time in the hood with ride-or-die friends—literally.

The aesthetic of the video opens like a short film depicting an L.A. car jacking outside a store with quick bursts of humiliation, theft and a fresh new pair of retro Jordans. Throughout the video, the pair of friends cruise the city, bragging and laughing with friends, videotaping police brutality, carrying out drug transactions and dipping through dark alleyways.

ScHoolboy’s juxtaposition piece sets violence side-by-side with fun and a seemingly calm energy in their hood. The video and track is named for ScHoolboy Q’s Pasadena, California high school John Muir. The clip follows the release of Schoolboy Q's film video trilogy of "By Any Means," "Tookie Knows II," and "Black Thoughts."

Watch the video above.

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