Scarface isn't necessarily the first person you think about when golf is mentioned. But the Houston rap vet is apparently an avid golfer, and now he's teaming with golf equipment company, Callaway and Vice Sports for a 10-minute documentary that will air in September.

The move is part of Callaway's attempt to connect with the hip-hop community, as it attempts to show that golf and rap culture can mix, and be lucrative for both entities. AdAge suggests that move is probably prompted by Nike's recent exit from the golf equipment business and Adidas' announcement that it was looking for buyers for its TaylorMade golf brand. Basically, Callaway is trying to make money, and like many profitable brands, is looking to hip-hop to do it.

"In any sport, you've got to get young participation to drive long-term growth," Brian Yarbrough, an analyst at Edward Jones & Co., recently told Bloomberg News. "You've got to have a crop of younger people coming in at 20-, 25-years old who will play the game 20, 40 years. You are not seeing enough of that."

Enter Facemob, who plays 300 rounds of golf of year, a "crazy number," according to Harry Arnett, senior VP-marketing and brand management for Callaway.

According to AdAge, Arnett conceded that hip-hop and golf don't normally go together (we shall not mention the unfortunate film Who's Your Caddy?). But he said that he's hopeful that can change.

"Scarface really shows that golf is really a sport that transcends demography and transcends what your normal expectations would be," he said.

The 10-minute film featuring Scarface will debut online in September.


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