We all know that Scarface is one of the most influential rappers in hip-hop. But we were surprised to find out in August that he's an avid golfer.  Apparently, when he’s not grabbing the mic, he’s grabbing a 9 iron and playing a few rounds at the golf course.

In a short film called Golf Lives for Callaway Golf, Scarface (aka Brad Jordan) details his ten-year love for the sport. "I love golf for the challenge in it," he says in the film (watch above).

"Yeah, it’s a sickness,” he later adds. “I’m in Houston on the golf course doing 18 holes every day that I don’t have to work or it rains.”

Elsewhere in the clip, 'Face traveled to the Callaway Golf facilities to get outfitted with his own golf clubs, which are custom-made for him. He later plays a round of golf using his new club, much to his enjoyment.

Golf Lives is about showcasing the broad appeal of golf by chronicling the immersion of an unexpected and interesting character into Callaway’s world of product performance and innovation,” said Harry Arnett, senior vp of marketing & brand management for Callaway Golf (quotes via Billboard)

VICE Sports publisher Will Kiersky agrees and feels that Scarface was the ideal subject for the film. “We wanted to make a statement and bring someone into the fold with both real credibility in the rap world and a deep passion for golf to see what happened. Scarface was the perfect fit for this," he said.

Watch Scarface enjoy his passion in the video above.