Young Jeezy discussed his sex game on 'Sex Cameras & Hip Hop,' and answered the question the world wants to know; what animal he would be, if he were an animal in bed. "A mountain lion or something I don't mothaf----n' know. Gotta be a lion, king of the jungle. I'm king of the bed in that motherf-----." Thank god someone's asking the important stuff. [RapRadar]

Tiger Woods' lady on the side, Rachel Uchitel said she was "unhappy" when she found out that he was allegedly cheating on his wife with other women (than her). A source close to Uchitel says, "Rachel has strong feelings for Tiger. She was very into him – much more than other famous guys she was into." So how many...forget it.[People]

Comedian Sheryl Underwood roasted Tiger Woods recently, saying, "Would we question when a Jewish person wants to marry other Jewish people? It's not racist. It's not bigotry. It's cultural pride. The issue comes in when you choose something white because you think it's better...And then you never date a black woman or a woman of color or you never sample the greatness of the international buffet of human beings. If you never do that, we got a problem." What, you don't like the Donner Party dinner, Tiger? You're not feeling the Dahmer Special? [AP]