Swizz Beatz is the rap James Cameron. "I'm working on scoring a movie bigger than 'Avatar'...It's life-changing to the world. The message is life-changing," said the producer. "My goal is to make the sound for this movie as big as the movie. [...] Matter of fact, bigger than the movie. I want this sound that me and the director, what we're connecting with, to be the driving force of the movie." OK Swizz. [MTV]

Game released a witty new song with Ray-J called "P--sy Fight," which goes in. The hook name-checks Nick Cannon and Nelly, saying "I know Nelly can't be eating your p--sy right/ And Nick Cannon can't be eatin' yo p--sy right/ Pull yo panties down girl, we gon have a p--sy fight." But the real gem comes courtesy of Ray-J, who auto-croons "I know she with Reggie Bush/ But that used to be Ray-J's bush/ She used to blow it like big kush." Ray-J's bush, huh. [Bossip]

Reality show star Markice "Kesan" Moore from MTV's 'From G's to Gents' was recently accused of brutally assaulting his baby daughter. He responded to the allegations in a rap video. "I'm sorry if I aint focused on Haiti/ But them folks are tryin to take my baby/...I'm Public Enemy, the new Chuck D/but don't judge me, please don't judge me/...This s--t only gone make me go harder!" ...Said the guy who was accused of breaking his infant's arms, leg, ribs and collarbone, but took the time to record a rap video before he turned himself in. Crazy. [YouTube]