Your man Soulja Boy posted his mugshot on his Twitter page yesterday, with the following text "Even in jail my swag was turnt up." Fantastic. [Twitter]

Miley Cyrus
discussed the difficulty she felt deleting her Twitter account, "You all are the closest thing to my heart & it breaks my spirit to hear that some of you feel neglected since I deleted my twitter," she told her more than 2 Million fans. It's a hard knock life. [MTV]

Lisa Raye went on Lip Service and discussed some things. "I was private plane and champagne sipping before I met him. Everybody wants to be with a winner... you have your list of what you are going to accept and what you're going to take...just look at the white girls, the white mamas, what do they tell their kids. You date this lawyer, this doctor. They rear them differently. Why is it so bad when a black girl thinks the same way? My mother wants me to make sure I'm with somebody that's wealthy and healthy that's going to treat me well. Just because he has money doesn't mean I'm negating the fact that he has personality, he's loving, he's generous, he's kind.." ...Said the woman who is famous for something that no one can remember. If all white mamas are telling their kids to strictly date lawyers and doctors, they're not listening. Just look at Bristol Palin. [TeamYee]