Apparently Jay-Z is going to be working with blue-eyed soul guy Robin Thicke. "In the studio today with Jay Z," Thicke tweeted. "His Hovieness!! So excited!! He's jumping on one of my records for my sex therapy album. Wish me luck!!" Cool it, Robin. Remember when you liked artists for their music and didn't know they said things like "his Hovieness!!"? Yeah. [Twitter]

Mase is freshly released from Puffy's clutches and ready to minister light up some freestyles. "Canon, Drama, Big Mike, Scream, Infamous, Slay, Whoo, Green, etc. tell me when your tape dropping I'm opening it up w/a classic freestyle!" the rappin' reverend tweeted. Then he followed up with "Producers get at me," and "Musicians get at me." From this we can surmise several things 1) Mase thinks people still care about mixtapes. 2) Mase needs a new organ player for his chuuuch. [RapRadar]