RihannaRihanna is too hard for product placement. Speaking out against the popular practice, she said "I don't like things to be so commercial. I hate product placement in my videos. Videos should just tell the story of the song. With product placement, it becomes this big ad campaign. I just don't like that. Sometimes we have to (use products in music videos), for whatever political reason, but it's never my first choice." That's cool, too bad the label needs money to do M.I.A. rip off videos. [Bossip]

In a recent interview, Rhymefest stood up for the lyrically-lyrical MC's out there. "I heard...I think it was Waka Flocka say, 'Rappers with lyrics ain't got no money,' but...how do you know? I could swear there's a radio station called Shade 45 invented by [Eminem], a rapper who can rap. I could've sworn Kanye can rap real good. I could've sworn that Jay-Z was the dopest rapper that got everything. I'm pretty sure 50 Cent is where he is 'cause he can rap. People love Jadakiss - he can rap. All these people got money. Immortal Technique got money, Mos Def got money, Talib Kweli got money, I got money. Just 'cause you don't wear your money on your neck...don't mean you ain't got it. It just means you might be a lil' smarter than the average bear." Immortal Technique got money? Where? [HipHopDX]