Singer Omarion discussed Lil Wayne's incarceration with Rap-Up Magazine: "I think that it's unfortunate, but at the same time I really feel like [Lil' Wayne's] not gonna miss out on anything... T.I.'s about to be home and he didn't miss nothing. Nothing happened while he was gone." They have sizzurp in jail, right? HBO? Big comfortable beds? National tours? Good call, O. [XXL]

performed in Berlin at MTV's European Music Awards, where he took home the Best Urban Artist award. "I thank you for this award," Jay said in his acceptance speech. "I look forward to the day - because it's called the Best Urban Artist - I look forward to the day when all those walls come down and it's just music. I go in the studio just like the Jonas Brothers, just like Green Day, and we all just make music. We are all just artists at the end of the day." Can't argue with that. [MTV]

Nikki Minaj deplored sexism in rap music, saying "Women are held to different standards. I mean that's just the way it is. I always say 'Nobody tells 50 and Wayne anything when they're taking their shirts off every night'. You could say that's selling sex; that's selling sex appeal. I respect Wayne and 50 very much, but if a girl comes out in a cute little outfit showing some boobs, she's not a real rapper." We agree, but come c'mon Nikki, remember this? [HipHopWired]