Nas recently spoke to CNN about violence in rap. "A rap song influencing violence in the 21st century is a joke," said the rapper who recorded a song called "Shoot Em Up" back in the 20th Century. [YouTube]

Katy Perry said she likes to chill with Rihanna because "We're friends and we're both kind of on this crazy roller coaster, and ... it's nice to have good girlfriends. I pride myself on having cool chicks in my life, and she's a cool chick." Plus, her publicist told her to say that they're friends. [MTV]

Nick Lachey
told Us Weekly, "We dont know what the future holds. I've given up trying to figure that out. But everything's going good again" Nick, about how much time would you say you spent predicting the future, and what were your predictions? [Perez]