N.O.R.E. gave the world a 3 tweet sequence of glory today. It started with arguably N.O.'s best-spelled post of all time: "I never drink coffee but I drank 2 big cups and I'm on fire." Then an hour later: "SUPERHYPED!!!!!!" And finally: 2 CUPS OF COFFE SUpER HYPED NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!! 2. HYPE!!!!" [Twitter]

Things got so bad during Bush's regime that even Diddy was feeling it- he had to start flying commercial. But things 'done changed,' according to a recent video Dids posted. "I know I hit y'all a year ago, and I told you about the gas prices...Well s---, we done ran into some new money now baby, and them gas prices went down so, we back! We back in the friendly skies, doing it the right way!" Puffy announced. "I still fly commercial to L.A. and stuff like that, I'm trying to be green and save, but when you go to Vegas, baby, you gotta fly private, baby!" There's something very strange about this video, but we can't quite put our finger on it. Also, if flying commercial to L.A. is green, then our usual mode of transportation is straight organic. [57thAve]

Katy Perry described the sound of her new record, "I'm kind of thinking I want to do my record like a mesh between 'Lovefool' by the Cardigans and "The Sign" by Ace of Bass...I want to make songs that people want to hold hands and roller-skate to." Or die to avoid, depending. [MTV]