British radio personality Tim Westwood raised Bow Wow's ire recently, when he asked Soulja Boy if he thought Bow's Lambourghini was rented. Bow Wow quickly hit Twitter to bark back. "I agree with @50cent This n----a tim westwood always try n sturr up s---. then when he interview me its gone be a diff story. cm ym...FACT: TIM Never question a maf---a who got money. i been making money since i was in huggies bro. i should be asking you if u rent s---." Well, there you have it. [RapRadar

Uh, Amy Winehouse went to see a performance of Cindarella recently and began heckling the cast of the play, yelling "he's f-----g behind you!" at the actors, and calling the ugly stepsisters "bitches." She was then arrested for assault, after allegedly kicking the theater manager in the groin. We need to start a new column chronicling the people Amy assaults. She's like 24-0, all knockouts, at this point. [TimesOnline]

Lady Gaga
picked her favorite artists of 2009 for MTV, sort of. "First and foremost, my favorite artists of 2009 were my fans. They were my favorites because every song I did, they remade on their own, and every photograph that I took, they took their own version of it. And they remade my music videos, they designed clothes for me. They wrote poetry and made films and designed all sort of amazing paintings. They're just the most brilliant fans in the world. It's funny - my dad was at a show the other night and afterward he said, 'Do you think your fans are smart?' and I said, 'Oh hell yeah, my fans are smart,' and he said, 'You know what, I was thinking the same thing during the show.' Yeah, your fans are our favorite artists too. They're so talented and smart and they write poetry and they blah blah blah [MTV]