KRS-One talked with XXL about how Def Jam "Single handedly destroyed hip hop" recently. "Every time you think of what's wrong with hip-hop, the lyrics, the commercialized music, one artist being played on the radio all day, things like that, that's all Def Jam. We respect it. It's a respect cause we all competing, so Def Jam had the hardest competition, but the hardest competition as I showed the respect, I also showed the truth. And the truth is everybody else had to sit down so Def Jam could be who they are." At some point, KRS is going to go off on one of these rants, and some young kid is just going to look up at him and say "Hey man, what are you talking about?" That will be a sad day. [XXL]

"I'm hungry, I'm grounded," DMX recently told MTV. "I've always been grounded. But I'm hungrier. There's so much bulls--- out there. I'm not gonna get into the names. You know who you are. There's so much bulls--- out there. The streets won't let me forget that they need me and I need them." Cool, but the streets don't need you torturing animals, smoking crack and jacking cars while impersonating a federal agent again, X. Maybe just record an album, or something. [MTV]

Video director Chris Applebaum thinks Miley Cyrus is just the cat's pajamas. "Say there was a celebrity star-studded event and people at the party - Britney's there, Rihanna's there, Beyonce's there, but also, like, Jay-Z is there and Kid Rock is there. I could easily see a scene where you walk into a room and you see Kid Rock and Jay-Z standing next to each other laughing hysterically, and as you get closer you realize they're standing around Miley, who is telling them stories and cracking jokes." Ah yes, who can forget the time young Miley regaled us all with such wonderful storyes. Here's how this would go down- Britney would be hanging out in the bathroom, barefoot, waiting for Kid Rock- super wasted. Ri-Ri would be shaving and possibly tattooing herself, giving Beyonce the evil eye behind bedazzled sunglasses, while Jay ignores them both, trying to think up new ways to stay "young," and Miley Cyrus stares at her iPhone, tweeting to her friends, bored out of her mind. Seriously though, Chris Applebaum, stop. [MTV]