Our man (or woman) with the cam blessed us with some more Kanye West footage from yesterday's G-Shock event in NYC, where 'Ye continues his "Amazing" rant about everything. "Our place in the world as creative people/Is to create/ am not a mogul/I am no longer a brand/I am only a man who creates/and follows my dreams/And takes a s---load of pictures when he steps outside." Oh, that's who you are. [Rapradar]

Plies broke down the unreality problem in the streets these days: "I'm sitting here watching TV, and I didn't know it was that many unreal dudes still left in the streets...I just focused on that situation. That's one of them records on my album I call 'Choir Rehearsal." I know everybody is gonna sing it every time I perform it." People love to sing about unreal dudes, we noticed that. [MTV]

Kid Cudi is working hard to prove our hunch that Kanye West is his media trainer: "Forget about how I dress. Let's talk about how awesome my album is, and how I'm saying something important. More than any other artist in the game right now, [I'm] definitely one of the top 5 artists saying something. Whether that's OG or new artists, I'm definitely one of those top artists that's saying something...in the mainstream. We're infecting people's brains with knowledge." Said the guy who wrote "Day 'n' Night." [Youtube]