Joe Budden likes prostitutes. Here's why: "First of all, prostitutes, a lot of the times, have much cleaner p---- than regular girls...It's the b----'s job to f---. You don't think that b---- is taking care of her p----?" said Budden, whose girfriend recently left him. [HipHopWired]

Ghostface dedicated his video for 'Stapleton Sex' to Natalie Portman, who inspired the song. "Ms. Portman (you sexy lady)...maybe this video is more up your alley. And I say your alley with the utmost respect. Have you ever seen the stairwells at Stapleton? I'll take you." Ha. Alley. [MissInfo]

Saigon discussed his acting career lately, saying "I'm signed to the biggest agency in history called William Morris. They send me scripts every day, and I don't even read 'em, because it's something that fell in my lap. They jumped on my d---, and that's not my thing. My thing is getting the 'Greatest Story Never Told' out. Me and Just Blaze, we went in the studio we worked, we worked hard on this album. It's the best album ever, probably. Not only just for hip-hop, for black people, man. It's like the Bible, something everybody should have." Recap: Saigon is a really big Hollywood deal, and he also recorded the greatest rap album of all time, probably. [YouTube]