Jim Jones appeared on Lip Service yesterday and told the girls his craziest tour/sex story. "I know somebody that on the road...had sex with somebody's underarm, He boned a girl's underarm." Eh, that's pretty tame, actually. [TeamYee]

R. Kelly's new album, 'Untitled' is out today, and in honor of that, he took the time to break down some lyrics and whatnot with MTV. Discussing the song, "Pregnant," Kells said, "The track came to me from Tyrese, my little brother...Immediately I loved it so much, I went into the studio right away and I put the track up. [I] began to write, 'Girl, you make me wanna get you pregnant.' It felt good immediately." Ah man, Kells knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. [MTV]

The Dream
tweeted about his wife, Christina Milian's cooking, recently, and it's...pretty embarrassing."I still can't get over how a beautiful woman in the 21st Century cooks so well I thought that was played out she really can cook I'm from GA so you know my chubby a-- know about good food but she actually know what shes doing I'm so impressed okay that's enough of that mushy s---..Its a gift to knw hw to cook and she better hide that mf cake.... She just let me taste the creme cheese icing...N---AAAAAAA! OMG after this next album I'm going to have her make 8 cakes and I'm going to eat thm ovr thirty days LOL okay I'm out guys it was great I'm still waiting well I guess one piece won't hurt LOL....." LOL! Seriously dude? That's some humiliating s---. We de-capitalized his little cake-rant, but the spelling/punctuation is, of course, all Dream's. Yo, Dream, chill. [Twitter]