Jim Jones discussed his new mixtape, 'The Ghost of Rich Porter,' explaining that it portrays Harlem's struggle.
"For the past half a year, six, seven months," Jim said of the tape's title, "All I been hearing is people saying it's a recession. It's getting bad. I never knew it not to be a recession in Harlem. That's why it's Harlem. We found a way to get the money. If it wasn't no job opportunities, our next best thing was to hustle. I'm not telling you what to hustle. I'm not advocating you do anything illegal. I'm advocating you get the money, the moolah, the muggah! That's what it's all about. That's what it portrays." True story. [MTV]

Miley Cyrus recently explained that the best thing about her relationship with boyfriend/co-star in 'The Last Song,' Liam Hemsworth, is all about making themselves look good. "It was really good [working with Liam], because it makes you want to come to work and ... look good," said Cyrus. "I'm trying to make people see my work as a real actress and more mature. And when you have someone who loves you and wants you to do well, you really want to help each other, and you want to make each other look good. We both were trying to get our point across [that] we can do more than [what people know us as]." [ABC]