Jermaine Dupri has a blog. On it he likes to write things, and sometimes let you know that he's a big deal. "Was in Miami this past weekend and you know when you walk around people wanna take pictures," he recently posted. "I'm cool no problem, but every time I took a picture with a girl or girls they always had something slick to say like 'His girl gonna be mad you all over him like that' and her friend replies 'What she don't know won't hurt her.' 'Hold me tighter like you know me,' so much slick s--t it brought me to this. If a guy was to fall for a girl that said something like that to him, what makes her think the same thing is not gonna happen to her? #2 Question Do women even care anymore that a man has a girl?" That's deep. You the man JD. [Global14]

Remember Danger, the face tattoo from 'For the Love of Ray J?' Yeah, she's still cracky. In a recent interview with fellow reality "star" Poprah, things got super weird, when Poprah asked her some real things, like "Are you really crazy?" and "Did you have sex with Ray J? Did he wear protection?," and finally "Do you have a new reality show? What's it called? "Watever the f--k I want it be called. That's what it's called," Danger replied, diplomatically. "Ray J's bisexual," she added. After she'd had enough of Poprah's questions, she shouted out her address and announced that she's a queen. "211 Cleveland Avenue, Mill Valley! Yeah, my breakfast table? I look at the golden gate bridge and s--t? Cause I'm royal. I'm royalty. Get into it." Poprah replied "Crack kills, boo." [Bossip]