Janet Jackson (Ms. Jackson if you're nasty) sat down with Gotham Magazine and talked about her New Year's resolutions. "I want to learn a language. I haven't decided which, but it's between French, Spanish and Italian. I also want to get closer to God." Been there, done that. [Bossip]
Singer Tyrese tweeted some "advice" to his "fans" recently. "Pain: A lot of WOMEN don't know that they're doing it but they USE their KIDS as WEAPONS towards their FATHERS this is just HORRIBLE...You had UNPROTECTED SEX and MADE THAT BABY!!!! Can't look BACK that show YOU CHOOSE to be with...PERIOD!! Bulls--t Blame Game!! I've said it BEFORE...Stop PLAYING VICTIM. Wanting everyone to feel SORRY for YOU...WOMEN UP & MAN UP !!!!!!! Period!!!" Um, got something on your mind, Black Ty? Is there someone in particular whom you wish would "Women up?" [Twitter]