Ice Cube was honored with the I Am Hip-Hop award at the 2009 BET Hip Hop Awards. Accepting his award, he encouraged hip hop's elders to continue doing their thing, exclaiming "As long as you got a tongue, you're not too old to rap." Or act in quality films such as 'I Got the Hook Up' and 'Anaconda,' apparently. [VH1]

Miley Cyrus quit Twitter, for like, a boy. Now her "Achy Breaky" dad, Billy Ray is tweeting for her return, "Miley. You are a light in a world of darkness. You were born 'Destiny Hope Cyrus' for a reason. You can't leave everyone now. We r countin on u." Why is this guy on Twitter, and why does he spell like a 15-year-old? [Twitter]

Finally, NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand expedited the visa process for rock-ish group Brazilian Girls. "Musicians from overseas who perform in New York add tremendous value to the City's vibrant cultural and tourist economy...I am thrilled that these shows will go on and the U.S. tour can proceed on schedule," the Senator said, of the group that sings that "P---y, p----y, p---y, marijuana" song. [Billboard]