Ghostface dedicated his new song "Stapleton Sex" to Moby's ex, Natalie Portman (live that one down): "I read an interview where Natalie Portman said she likes dirty rap, obscene lyrics and all that," Ghost said. "I figure she can dance to this one. I'm looking for you Natalie!" We hope he finds her. [TeamYee]

Sean Price doesn't take Michael Jackson jokes lightly, and he will smack people. "The next one a y'all motherf---ers who got my phone number and send me a disrespectful Michael Jackson picture or a joke...I'm not joking, I'm a smack the s--- outta one of y'all n----s...I'm a f--- one of yall n----s up, that's my word to my mother...The same n----- who dis Michael Jackson, y'all the same b---- a-- n----s, who play R. Kelly." Must...not...text... [Splash-Mag]

So, one of the Jonas is getting hitched, but we're not sure the little guys completely understand the whole marriage thing. "I want it. I'll be the best best man ever," Kevin Jonas said. "Eventually if I get married, [the best man is] gonna be Nick, and when it's Nick, [the best man is] gonna be Frankie." Hey, you guys don't even need brides! [MTV]