Rapper French Montana has a new song with fellow Konvict artist Lady Gaga. "That's going to be one of the singles, you know. I mean you talking about Gaga, you talking about a mil and a half a show. Like, that's other kind of money. Gaga's that new. Gaga's that other money, you know, like you can't compare her to nobody. You talk about Madonna this and that, like, Gaga's that new talent." Calm down, French. [AllHipHop]
Nas spoke at the Boys and Girls Club's 43rd annual National Keystone Conference in Pittsburgh yesterday, and said that he planned on obtaining his high school diploma, finally. KeystoneBGCA had the presence of mind to big him up via Twitter, sort of. "KeystoneBGCA When Nas was asked what he does to chill he said "read books." He said he reads 3 at a time." We don't believe you. [KeystoneBGCA]