Fat Joe discussed his new album recently with MTV. "I tried to go, 'Hello, Aloha' - they don't want Fat Joe to do that. I'mma have to do something that I'm an expert at; it's called 'kill people.'" That's amazing. [MTV]

Joe Budden appeared on Lip Service with Rosa Acosta and talked about turning down fine women who offend his dainty olfactory senses. "Not talking about Rosa in particular... a b---h might look like that and stink! you gotta give her the finger test and then she smell like chitlins...fresh out the microwave, in Elizabeth, and Elizabeth stink, too." Gross. [TeamYee]

Comic legend Paul Mooney told Davey D. that he's a huge Kanye West fan, after the infamous Taylor Swift incident. "He's my hero. I loved every minute of it. he was correct...Did you see the little country singer's face? She looked like he was gonna rape her. She freaked. She froze..Now she's on everything, including my nerves." [NahRight]