On a recent show, Ellen Degeneres discussed her love for Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3,' namedropped Ghostface and spit a hot 4 for the fans: "I got my own show/ I get to be bossy/ I got a hot wife/ Her name is Portia de de de Rossi." So real. [RapRadar]

Diddy's Twitter should receive a Hip Hop Honors award: "BRAZIL!!!!! A--! A--! A--! Phat round beautiful A--ES!!!!! Everywhere! Its a A-- suniami!!!!!!!! I think I like it here!!! Lol." In other news, people who write LOL when not actually laughing need to calm down. ie "I've been waiting for you for an hour lol."

TMZ caught the reclusive Dr. Dre leaving a Hollywood event, and he proved that he's still the same guy from NWA. When the cameramen asked him for his opinion on Rush Limbaugh's alleged plan to purchase the St. Louis Rams, Dre replied "Man, f--- Rush Limbaugh." Still D.R.E.[AllHipHop]