Dougie Fresh has become the first rapper scientologist. "Scientology is not a White religion." Fresh announced. "It is not just for White people." See, we didn't know that. That was the main thing holding us all back. Thanks? [Essence]

Benzino is back, by which we mean baiting rappers to draw attention to his career, or whatever. He recently issued a threat (?) to Slaughterhouse: "Matter fact, there's four of us in the Made Men, cause we f----- with Ed O.G., I bet you the Made Men could tear those n----s a--h---- out..." Now that's a charming visual. [Youtube]

Kevin Griffin used to be in 90's rock band Better Than Ezra. Now he's writing songs for American Idol winners, and from the sound of it, doing a bang-up job. "I know what they're wanting, and I think it's going to be something that you could hear in between a Fall Out Boy song and a Kylie Minogue song. You'd mash that together and put some mascara on it." We literally can not wait to hear this mascara clad masterpiece. [MTV]