Former Roc-a-Fella honcho Damon Dash spoke about the current Jay-Z/Beanie Sigel beef, on a Philly radio station, saying, "I love Jay, I love Beans - what's the reason for beef?...That's stupid. What's the reason for beef? People die, people don't feel good - I want people to laugh. What's up, y'all?" Oh probably something to do with Beanie feeling like he got jerked for some serious $$$ and Jay-Z going on to become the biggest rapper ever...but hey, tell Beans to just laugh, right? [MTV]

Strong Island rapper/wildman R.A. the Rugged Man appeared on Lip Service and said a whole bunch of crazy s---, like "My p---s is a typical p---s, it's not no 9 inch c--k but it's pretty typical but I have these monster sized b---s." This is the least offensive quote we could find from the interview. What a guy. [TeamYee]

Fashion dude Tom Ford was discussing depression with W magazine, when he dropped the following gem on 'em:
"Fashion is one way in which we hold ourselves together. Just because I've become spiritual doesn't mean I can't love crocodile." Oh dude, totally. [PageSix]