Chris Brown launched a Twitter rant, discouraged by retail stores who allegedly refused to stock his new album, 'Graffiti.' "I'm tired of this s---. Major stores r blackballing my cd. Not stockin the shelves and lying to customers. What the f--- do I gotta do," Brown tweeted. "I'm not biting my tongue about s--- else...the industry can kiss my a--," he continued. Maybe it's the album cover? [Twitter]

Shallah Raekwon reacted to receiving #7 on Time magazine's Top 10 Albums of the Year, "We know Time is one of the most real magazines you can get on any level - politics, whatever is going on. That blew my mind right there. Even when we glanced at it, it didn't have no rappers on it. I was like, 'I must've been competing with a lot of different types of music, whether it be pop, alternative, country or whatever.' That blew my mind." Time is pretty real. [MTV]

Diddy told Playboy about being the world's worst attempted drug dealer. "I wanted to go home, but I didn't know how to punk out and tell them. The cops were outside, and we heard them coming up the stairs (but) they were responding to a couple having an argument below us...I turned into a scared white Harvard (University) student," he said, of his unsuccessful attempt at a life of crime. "I told my friends, 'Thanks, y'all, but no thanks. This game is not for me.' I walked out that door, and I ain't been around nobody with no drugs. I don't want to see no drugs. I'm probably the shortest-duration drug dealer in history." Paranoia, paranoia. [RapRadar]