"If Shakespeare was alive today, I'd s--t on any work he had and it would all rhyme and it would all make sense; it would be a complete story in 16 bars." said a humble, totally down-to-earth Chino XL, recently. [AllHipHop]

Gossip Girl cast member Taylor Momsen let us inside the mind of a 16-year old recently, when she described the upcoming season of the hit show. "Every script is shocking," she said. "You're just like, what are they going to do this week? It's amazing how much stuff they come up with for our characters to do." Wait, her name is what? [MTV]

MTV's Video Music Awards are looming, and Creative Director Lee Dodge dropped a gem on 'em when he described the performers' looks "There's one other look, which is fantastic, which is Gaga. The Gaga performance could be a classic VMA performance..There are some other great looks in the show - Beyoncé is fabulous - but I think the Gaga look ... this could be a classic, Madonna-like performance. But if I was to tell you [any details], the Haus of Gaga would ninja-kill me with lace and fingernails." It's getting to the point where we have literally no idea what these people are talking about. [MTV]