In a recent interview in a Houlihan's, Cam'ron gave his opinion on the skinny jean movement, saying, "I dont really f--- with skinny jeans. One thing is, my wallet too big and my money too big to have skinny jeans, I dont want people counting my money through my jeans...I aint really, I aint like it, it's kinda disgusting." [YouTube]

Lady Gaga
described her new stage show, sort of. "I put together a show that is so perfectly an avant-garde-performance-art-fashion installation, put in a blender and vomited on as a pop show. It's kind of this amazing theme of evolution, but it's in a garage, and me and all my friends are kind of exploring the music...but it's a very vacuous space. It's a box, it's a runway..." She kept on talking but it made even less sense. We're guessing there's going to be a lot of "crazy costumes" involved. Edgy! [MTV]

Kim Kardashian
recently blogged about getting pee'd on by a monkey. "I stopped by Katalyst while Ashton Kutcher was filming! They had this little monkey

that the magician, Dynamo, made appear! I thought he was really cute at first, but then he peed on me!! Ashton said the monkey had pooped on him, so I didn't feel too bad, haha. Gross little monkey! This magician was amazing, though. He did the craziest card tricks!" How about that? [Bossip]