When asked by HoodFiles.com who the current owner of Dipset is, Cam'ron reportedly laughed and said, "The only thing that bothers me is when n----s be like, 'Oh, so you could be down with Dipset, they gone put you back down? How can you put somebody back down with something that they are? Keep it a hundred, Dipset is Dipset but it's over. N----s gotta get over it." Somewhere, a sad internet soldier is struggling back a tear. [XXL]

The Doggfather Snoop discussed allegations that he had dissed Lil Wayne on Lip Service last night, "If I got issues, I go after a n---- motherf-----' head. I'm not finna shoot at your shoes, or shoot at the spot where your baby mama at, I'm finna take your motherf-----' neck off. I don't have no problems with no rappers, that was me speaking in general. So if a n---- feel offended, or feel froggish, leap motherf-----." Snoop 1, Frogs 0. [TeamYee]

Actress Blake Lively talked about the pain she feels, playing Serena van der Woodsen on 'Gossip Girl' "I feel a lot," she said. "I get really bad stomachaches all the time. So I went to a doctor, and he said, 'You're a feeler.' I take on people's pain a little too much." Blake, feel our collective pain. [MTV]