Frequent blunt smoker Benzino popped up recently, claiming his group Made Men would take Slaughterhouse in a battle, and a whole lot of other stuff. "I knew Tahiry was gonna leave Joe Buddens. You blog too much homey! You blog too much, stop blogging man, and watch where your girl's at man...Them n----- is overrated, I'm not f----- with Slaughterhouse, f--- them n----. And f--- Royce the 5'9. Uh oh. [Youtube]

Tony Yayo mistakenly thinks his name is being talked about as one of MTV's Hottest MC's. "I'm going hard. I'm glad my name is being talked about," Yayo told MTV News. "Opinions are like a--holes. Everybody has one. All the rappers out there, don't get emotional [about the Hottest MCs list]. It's people's opinions, man." Sorry Yayo, we're going to go ahead and bet you're not getting the nod this time around. [MTV]

We just wanted to make sure this quote didn't go unnoticed. Apparently, Lil' Boosie likes to do something different with his pills. "We be sticking pill up girl's booty too!" he said in a recent interview. "I get it from my cousin. He did it to a few girls way back in the game. And it just took off. I put it in a song. Everything I put in a song, I've tried it. So I put it in her booty hole and it melted. It melts in their booty hole and it hits them in 20 seconds. You never know what they're gonna do. They may break out crying talking about their momma doesn't love them or something. It hit them in the booty hole good. The booty is like eating the pill." See, we didn't know that. [Hiphopwired]

Same goes for this one, but we've just never seen anyone so angry over flip flops before. DMX to Jay-Z: "You come down, listen to my s--- -- we ready. Then you go on vacation. N----- take a picture of you with chancletas on. That's what you leave the hood for, son? That's why you walk out on your man for, son? Flip-flops? Serious? You serious? Real talk son, I respected you. I'm in my feelings about that. I'm hurt. I ain't ever talk about that." Hey, chancletas, crocks, we feel you. We've just never seen someone take it so personally before. [Youtube]