Every day a slew of questionable statements catch our attention, but today's best was courtesy of our man Beanie Mac. In his much publicized collaboration with 50 Cent, "I Go Off," which dropped today, Beanie Sigel dissed Jay-Z, saying, "You changed man...You let the money change you, Jay. You used to be from Marcy...Now you's a 'pass the Grey Poupon n----.'" French's is also good. [HipHopWired]

Apparently Mase is dropping a mixtape. Or 5 mixtapes...or something. Mase tweeted, "The tape is being dropped internationally and nationally next Friday I DO THE IMPOSSIBLE." The rappin' pastor then followed up with "The tape will be hosted by five DJs---one in London, one in Canada, one in China, Korea and the U.S." Which brings up 2 questions, 1) How is that possible 2) Why? [Twitter]

This one's too good to go unnoticed. Elle's creative director (and apparently a regular on 'The City,' which figures) Joe Zee described the way his magazine styled American Idol dude Adam Lambert, saying, "Accessories were the big thing for Adam...He's got a classic uniform of nonconformity...But I wanted the finishing touches to make his look a look. Think dangerous: chainmail scarf, link-chain gloves, spiked boots." Oh, was it dangerous, Joe Zee? [MTV]