50 Cent called into Whoo Kid's show on Shade 45 to talk about this and that. He also mentioned that when Eminem was at his most reclusive, he once turned down the monetary equivalent of 3 months worth of partying with Scott Storch. "You could barely get him out the house! I mean you can't get him out the house for money," 50 said. "I flew down there, I had 15 million for him. I flew down there with a script called 'Con Rail,' and I had everybody on deck, they was ready to him 15 million dollars to do the movie. And we was gonna shoot it in Detroit so he could still drop Hailey off and pick her up. That n---- still didn't want to come outside!" Bet 50 took that really well. [RapRadar]

Rick Ross discussed being a Bawse: "You gotta really know somebody's integrity. You gotta know if you're dealing with a champion or not. When I say 'Bawse,' I put that infamous on it because I mean it. If I'm not a boss, I believe I am. I know where I came from and what I accomplished." We don't understand what that means, either, but at least he's convinced himself. [MTV]

Some motivational words from Diddy: "The Angels are really singing tonight! Can you hear them? If you close your eyes and listen closely you can hear em!" All I hear is sireens and my neighbor's television. I guess I need more Ciroc/millions of dollars. [Twitter]